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Advantex - IF/RF & Microwave Design

RF Signal Generator 10 MHz — 8 GHz, +28 dBm

RF Signal Generator 10 MHz - 8 GHz, +28 dBm RF Signal Generator 10 MHz - 8 GHz, +28 dBm

SG8 series generator is all-purpose continuous wave RF source with phase or frequency analog modulation support.  Generator has OLED display and keyboard. Control interfaces: RS-232, USB. Control protocol: SCPI.

Distinctive Features
  • High output power
  • Arbitrary reference frequency
  • Small dimensions
  • Low-cost

Vector Signal Generator up to 4 GHz

VG4-01M-C42HP3U375A - Vector Signal Generator VG4-01M-C42HP3U375A - Vector Signal Generator
RF vector generator is used for generation of the signal in form Re[(I(t)+jQ(t))ejωt], fwhere I(t) and Q(t) – sampled interval of quadrature signals (i.e. complex signal), written in device memory, ω – carrier frequency. On the front panel all intermediate signals are available for user – i.e. I and Q channels, local oscillator (LO) and output signal RF. Vector signal generator is controlled via USB port of a personal computer.

  • RF output frequency range: 0.1 – 4 GHz (in vector mode), 62.5 – 8 GHz (in scalar mode);
  • RF output level tuning range: -10..+10 dBm (in vector mode), -30..+0 dBm (in scalar mode);
  • Modulation types: QAM, PM, FM and all its modifications;
  • Baseband: 66 MHz;
  • Hardware interpolation: up to 4096;
  • Hardware NCO with 32-bit phase and frequency control;
  • Hardware phase and frequency digital modulation;
  • Control interface: USB 2.0.

RF Synthesizer 4MHz – 8GHz with output level up to +27dBm

Wideband frequency synthesizer (RF signal generator) with output frequency range from 4 MHz to 8 GHz, high frequency resolution and high output signal level. Output power is variable and AGC controlled with digital compensation system based on calibration data written in memory of the device. Synthesizer also has multi-path filtering block for additional harmonic suppression. Device is digitally controlled via SPI interface. Frequency tuning can be dynamically programmed within all specified frequency range. High output signal level allows the device to be used as a Local Oscillator (heterodyne) for passive balance mixers when more than +13 dBm required for linearity of the path. It also can be used for nonlinear distortion parameters measure of high-power output stages: one-decibel compression point – P1dB and intermodulation intercept point IP3 (with aid of two synthesizers for

RF Synthesizer 4 MHz - 8 GHz, +27 dBm RF Synthesizer 4 MHz - 8 GHz, +27 dBm
“pure” two-tone signal generation).

  • RF output frequency range: 4 MHz – 8 GHz;
  • Min. frequency step: <0.001 Hz;
  • RF output level: up to +27 dBm;
  • Phase Noise: less than −121 dBc/Hz (@ 10kHz offset @ 1 GHz).
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