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This section contains various auxiliary tools and instruments for use in conjunction with equipment listed in other sections. Also it contains components included in more complex devices as its parts.

  • Cases   ( 1 Article )

    This section contains cases for electronic equipment. General parameters of the cases listed here are following.

    • Case form-factor (if it conform to the standard);
    • External dimensions;
    • Internal dimensions.
    Cases for the Platforms


    Int. Dim. Parameters

    Ext. Dim. Parameters

    Pi-U Configuration



    42HP, 3U, 355.5 mm

    235.5 mm, 4U, 375.5 mm

    8 x 3U4HP220, 1 x 3U8HP220

    IEEE 1101.10 Standard Case for Plug-in units with front panels. Based on Schroff "ratiopacPRO air" case

  • Evaluation Boards   ( 1 Article )

    This section contains evaluation boards for control and debugging purposes and interaction with other blocks at the stage of integration different blocks into one complete system. It also includes various auxiliary boards for test and measurement automation process.

    Boards with PC interfaces


    PC Interface

    Backend Interface

    Power Supply




    SPI (16/20-Pin Holder, 2mm pitch)


    Evaluation Board for RF Blocks with SPI control

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