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fThis section contains three following subsections:

  • Software for PC – applications and scripts ran on the personal computer;
  • HDL-components – firmware for programmable ICs (FPGA, CPLD);
  • MCU Firmware – firmware for microcontrollers.

  • PC Software   ( 4 Articles )

    This section contains various program tools, utilities, scripts configuration files for CADs and design automation.

    Design Automation Software

    Product Name




    Pin Box Manager

    Software application for automatic symbol creation of multi-pin components for further import in the central library of Expedition PCB system (Mentor Graphics)


     Mentor Report

    Software application for automatic BOM and Parts List creation for Schematics and Assembly Drawings designed with aid of Expedition PCB system (Mentor Graphics)


     SVN Pack

    Application for archiving of SVN system folders (.svn, _svn) of projects under Subversion


    Part Number Generator

    Application for automatic Part Number and Serial Number generation for electronic equipment

    Configuration and Data Files for CADs



    DC/DV Border Symbols

    Border symbols in accordance with GOST 2.104 for schematics designed in DC/DV environment (Mentor Graphics, Expedition PCB)

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