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MRPT - Bill of Materials for Expedition PCB Print E-mail

MRPT – software application for automatic BOM creation and component data management

Mentor Report - Bill of Materials for Expedition PCB Mentor Report - Bill of Materials for Expedition PCB
MRPT (Mentor Report) software tool is used for automatic generation of Bill of Materials for PCB schematic projects designed in Expedition PCB DC/DV system.

  • Any property of the component can be extracted;
  • Flexible data view parameters;
  • Grouping of tables by the specified property;
  • Grouping of data inside the table by any criteria;
  • Variant Manager support;
  • GOST oriented printing output;
  • Export to MS Excel and HTML.



 Operating System

 Windows XP

 Current Version

 Last Modification Date July 2008 г.
 Release Notes 
 User Manual Mentor Report - User Guide


Variant, #





Time Period

1 week

6 mon.




1 year

1 year

Special modification on customer’s request*

1 year





$1 000

*Any modification is possible if it is not in conflict with architecture of the application.


For data extraction MRPT uses database of the project directly, but not the standard BOM generated by CAD, thus all property fields, which exists in the project, are available for user, including user properties. For each field you can set corresponding arbitrary alias name. Theses aliases will be printed instead of the primary field names. MRPT also supports PCB variants generated by Variant Manager (fig. 1). I.e. in the BOM only those components will be presented which are to be mounted to the actual PCB.

Expedition PCB Variant Manager Support Expedition PCB Variant Manager Support Mentor Report - Bill of Materials for Expedition PCB Mentor Report - Bill of Materials for Expedition PCB
Fig. 1. PCB variants supportFig. 2. Config options tree

MRPT can group, sort, calculate quantity, and do other operations for component data structuring by the criteria specified by the user. All this can be tuned to meet your requirements, and can be saved into the configuration file, that can be used by all designers of your company (fig. 2) MRPT application prints out the result (for example into the PDF) with border conforming GOST (fig. 3, 4), data for the border are being given from borderdata.asc file, included to project and also used in the schematic layout. While dividing into multiple pages, cells of the tables are not being broken.

MRPT First page output MRPT First page output MRPT other pages output MRPT other pages output
Fig. 3. First page (print)Fig. 4. Other pages (print) 

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