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Founded in 2004, Advantex LLC designs and develops IF/RF modules such as frequency synthesizers, up/down converters, filters, modulators, demodulators, transceivers for digital communications, radio, radar, automated testing of radio electronics and many other applications covering the frequency range of DC to 21 GHz.

In 2006 as a result of a successful work accomplishment our new service arose – PCB design workflow and material requirements planning (MRP) automation for small business, STMS. The developed system can significantly reduce the cost of production of prototypes and small volume production with great nomenclature content, i.e. when the product contains thousands of different components, which is a common case in the field of electronics. The system is implemented as a cloud service and therefore does not require large investments.

In 2010 it was decided to open the line of test & measurement instruments based on our IF/RF blocks. The equipment is designed for use in educational and research laboratories and as a means of automated testing in the production of digital wireless communication systems. This line presents inexpensive, but high performance devices operating in a wide range of frequencies: signal generator 10 MHz - 8 GHz, quadrature modulator 100 MHz - 4 GHz, electronic attenuator 300kHz-8GHz, low noise synthesizers up to 13 and 21 GHz (UNO series), middle cost synthesizers up to 20 GHz (LNO-6x series) and low cost octave synthesizers up to 20 GHz (LCS series). Further it is planned to expand the equipment line by including the following: ultra low noise synthesizer 6.8/9.2 GHz for quantum clocks and phase noise measurement instrument based on UNO-20 synthesizers up to 21 GHz.

Thus, we have a complete solution that fully covers the application of testing and debugging of channel-forming equipment and digital wireless communications products, including cutting edge systems which use ultra-wideband channels. The distinctive feature of Advantex instruments is one of the best price/performance ratios in its class.

Great attention is paid to the quality of user documentation and technical support. Datasheets, operating manuals, application notes, drivers and related software, 3D-models of instruments for reference dimensions, calibration and warranty certificate examples are available for free download on our international web-site. All documentation is available in two languages - Russian and English.

Besides Russia our instruments and RF-modules are supplied to Australia, Italia, China, Taiwan and other countries. All products pass strict control, both during production and testing. The developed high efficiency automated testing methods provide great coverage tests of the technical parameters of products, ensuring consistent quality at the output. Due to the unique equipment, the company has the opportunity to conduct high-precision measurements of the microwave signal (power level, phase noise, spectrum), analysis and forming of complex digital modulated signals and hardware simulation of wireless channel (fading, reflection, noise), RF-path measurements (S-parameters), climatic tests (heat, cold, humidity) and many others.

We continually develop innovative methods, design and debugging environments; renew technical equipment, providing high level of functional and technical characteristics of our products. Our company works closely with a number of research and education institutes. We provide special training courses for young promising engineers.

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