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Advantex - IF/RF & Microwave Design

I/Q Baseband Signal Generator Plug-in Unit with 66 MHz bandwidth

DVM-01M-P3U4HP220 - Baseband I/Q Generator DVM-01M-P3U4HP220 - Baseband I/Q Generator
Bfaseband generator is designed for quadrature signal generation and processing from the complex signal interval written in memory of the device. Quadrature generator contains interpolator with variable factor (from 1 to 4096), numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) for hardware generation of exp(jwt) function, DDC (complex mixer) for further conversion of the signal in frequency domain. Due to the embedded NCO device makes it possible for hardware implementation of phase and frequency modulation. It significantly increases the efficiency of memory usage in which stores sampled signal or modulation symbols. In addition baseband generator plug-in unit contains USB-FXP bridge, so it can be used as control Pi-U for FXP based platforms. With aid of this unit one can manage all modules (plug-in units) connected to the backplane of the platform, including FXPUPI unit which contains FXP-SPI bridge and interacts directly with RF-block connected to it. This way one can control all RF-blocks and other modules in the platform via personal computer with USB port.

  • Baseband: 66 MHz;
  • Hardware interpolation: up to 4096;
  • Hardware NCO with 32-bit phase and frequency control;
  • Complex mixer (DDC) for central frequency digital tuning and hardware phase or frequency modulation.

RF Signal Generator Plug-in Unit 62.5 MHz – 8 GHz, +20 dBm

LNO-HP01M-P3U4HP220E - RF Synthesizer Plug-in Unit LNO-HP01M-P3U4HP220E - RF Synthesizer Plug-in Unit
RF Signal Generator Pi-U based on LNO block (see “IF/RF Blocks – RF Synthesizers” section). It is designed for use in FXP platforms. Two connectors are located on the front panel – RF output and auxiliary external reference input (“E” suffix).

  • RF output frequency range: 62.5 MHz – 8 GHz;
  • RF output level range: -10..+20 dBm;
  • Internal or external reference;
  • Control interface: FXP;
  • Form-factor: Pi-U, 3U 4HP 220 mm.

Power Supply Pi-U (AC-DC Converter)

Power supply unit (AC-DC Converter) – converts 220 AC to the number of voltages supplied to the FXP backplane (+3.3VD, +5VD, +12VD, -12VD, +5VA, +12VA, -12VA). Power supply unit has separate outputs for analog and digital supplies and grounds (GNDA and GNDD), ac-isolated from each other. It has filtering blocks at analog power outputs.

FXPPSU-02M-P3U8HP220 - Power Supply Plug-in Unit FXPPSU-02M-P3U8HP220 - Power Supply Plug-in Unit

  • Total output power: 125 W;
  • Connector type: H15M (DIN 41612);
  • Output voltages (digital): +3.3, +5, +12, -12 V;
  • Output voltages (analog): +5, +12, -12 V;
  • Form-factor: Pi-U 3U 8HP 220 mm;
  • Indication on the front panel: “Power ON”, “Error”.
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